Metal Fabrication CNC Plasma Cutting

For precise and expert work in our custom metal fabrication, we use a CNC Plasma Cutting system. This includes a machine that utilizes a plasma torch which moves as directed by a computer.

CNC means “Computer Numerical Control” which allows a computer to guide the motion of the machine established by numerical codes in the software.

A drive system, containing amplifiers, encoders, cables and motors is also required in a CNC Plasma Machine. One motor is for the X-axis and the other for the Y-axis. Each motor utilizes a drive amplifier taking a low-power signal from the CNC and converting it to a higher-powered signal to put the motor in motion.

Why Use CNC Plasma Cutting

Using a CNC Plasma Cutting machine in Utah has major benefits like:

Complete Efficiency. It is fast and simple to execute as well as cost-effective.

Superior Accuracy. It can achieve exceptional precision delivering high-quality, accurate cuts.

Total Flexibility. It can cut all various types of metal in a large range of thicknesses.


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