Utah Prefabricated Metal Stairs

If you are looking for stair solutions for an industrial or commercial setting, our custom prefabricated metal stairs are a perfect choice. We can create residential prefab metal staircases as well. Our prefabricated stair systems typically can be installed quickly to an existing structure.

Metal Staircases (Prefab Indoor & Outdoor)

Edmond's metal staircases are the crowing combination of durability and style. Our creative design variations and in-house engineering can guarantee that all our metal staircase projects are top-grade in all of Utah.

We surely keep up with industry innovation and design for all kinds of prefabricated metal stair kits as well as custom-made projects developed on-site.

  • Metal Spiral Staircases
  • Custom Metal Straight Staircases & Metal Floating Stairs
  • Prefab Metal Stair
  • Mono Stringer Stairs
  • Industrial Stairs
  • Portable Stairs

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Prefabricated, Easy to Assemble and Ready to Ship

We work to design and engineer the stairs to make sure the system will be structurally sound and blend in with the rest of the building.

We also Offer Precast Concrete Steps