Precast Concrete Steps

Whether you need precast concrete steps or step replacements, we will work to meet your needs.

Our precast concrete steps are manufactured in-house, unlike concrete steps poured on site. Each step is made of solid, reinforced concrete of risers, treads and even the landing of the stairs. Because of this, our precast concrete steps can retain their maximum strength with no room for gaps or mortar joints.

The weight of our concrete stairs is equally proportioned to the blocks placed under each corner, minimizing movement considerably. In the rare event when settling may happen, our precast concrete steps are easy to manipulate and reset mainly due to their lighter weight.

Benefits of using Edmonds' Precast Concrete Steps

  • Saves you time and money. Since we make our precast steps in our factory using an already created molding, labor hours and cost are reduced significantly.
  • Very Convenient. When workers are pouring concrete on location, everyone has to ensure they do not step on them while creating them. Making steps off-site ensures that workers spend less time on-site. No waiting for your new steps to be ready.
  • No Seasonal Interference. It can be quite difficult to make concrete steps during the winter season outside. However, since precast steps are made in the factory during any season, there is no waiting on the weather to get your new steps installed.
  • Aesthetically Appealing. Being made in a factory allows more control in the design and look of precast concrete steps. This results in you getting exactly the steps you want.

Edmonds Manufactures Quality Precast Concrete Steps in a Variety of Sizes.

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