Utah Custom Stairs and Railings

Have you ever wanted a custom staircase in your Utah home or work? Perhaps an elegant curved staircase coming down from an upper floor at your business, a traditional spiral staircase from your outside balcony to your patio, or even unique turning stairs through the levels of your home?

Whatever metal stairs you imagine, we likely can create. We also offer stair replacement and repair for your existing metal stairs.

Why use custom made staircases in Utah?

Iron is a world-class metal in creating beautiful stairs and railings that are both elegant and functional. Other materials used in metal stair fabrication are aluminum and steel.

The combination of these two metals provides a good balance between cost, availability, and versatility. Look around when you go out in public and you will find metal stairs everywhere and for good reason.

We offer many options to create your custom staircases that will fit your space and project. We put the tools in your hands by directing you through every decision. Starting at the base design and then building stairs and railings that match your lifestyle and vision.

Custom metal staircases we do here in Edmond's Railing are:

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We provide a vast range of quality rail and stair fabrications designed to meet safety requirements, decorative goals and specific building codes of your Utah commercial or business needs.